Spacesaver Steel Shelf Dividers

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Spacesaver steel shelf dividers are essential accessories designed to enhance the organization and efficiency of storage shelves in various settings. The primary function of steel shelf dividers is to create distinct sections on a shelf, preventing stored items from mixing and ensuring a neat and orderly presentation. The steel dividers below are miscellaneous Spacesaver dividers used on not-so-common four-post shelving units. These dividers will only work with Spacesaver shelving.

  • The SMS-08-V72-FD-1106-50 dividers measure 11" by 6" and fit 13" deep single-depth or 26" double-depth shelving.
  • The SMS-08-V72-FD-1406-50 dividers measure 14" by 6" and fit 16" deep single-depth or 32" double-depth shelving.
  • The SMS-08-V72-FD-1606-50 dividers measure 16" by 6" and fit 18" deep single-depth or 36" double-depth shelving.

It's important to note that a diverse range of dividers are available, each tailored to specific dimensions, so please carefully consider the shape and tab spacing. If you need help determining which divider is compatible with your shelving, trace and measure it and send it to us.

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