Pharmacy Rotary Cabinet

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Our pharmacy rotary cabinet is an ideal solution for the secure storage of narcotics, hanging bags, and various medications. Designed with practicality, these innovative cabinets are double-sided and can spin, maximizing storage capacity while minimizing floor space requirements.

Each rotating pharmacy cabinet features four sides: two sides with solid panels for enhanced security when closed and two sides dedicated to convenient storage access when opened. The rotation mechanism is effortless, requiring only a gentle push on the cabinet's door or shelf to initiate smooth rotation, providing ease of use and seamless organization for pharmacy professionals.

With their space-saving design and efficient functionality, these cabinets offer an optimal storage solution for healthcare facilities seeking to streamline medication management and ensure safe storage practices. Units are available in starter and adder units.

Note: Hanging bags are not included and sold separately.

Cabinet units are sold as "starters" and "adders" or "add-on" units. "Adder" units are designed to connect to "starter" units to reduce costs.

The first unit of a cabinet row needs to be a "starter" unit (adder or add-on units connect to the starter unit). "Adder" units will not stand alone and must be connected to a "starter" unit.

If you want complete flexibility to move units around in the future, we recommend purchasing all "starter" units.

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