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Our file folder labeling system designs and creates one-piece color-coded file labels. The labeling software allows you to create and print labels for side, end, and top tab folders based on your design. Printers are sold separately. You can design the 8" one-piece labels with text, colored numbers, colored letters, year bands, and unique classification labels.

Our user-friendly labeling software allows you to import data from various sources, like Excel or .csv files, to make inputting label information a breeze. The system software can accommodate unlimited users and comes with one custom label design (the SMS-06-V142-ILPS-KIT includes a package of 600 #V0766 blank labels). You can also get additional label designs if needed. Please note that this system does not include a printer.

Our system can be configured to match and print Smead ColorBar labels part numbers CB-170173, CB-170166, CB-170078, and CB-170025, ColorBar Singles, ClickStrip, and SmartStrip.

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