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Our large format scanning service digitizes documents up to 36" by 72" in black and white or color formats. Whether blueprints, posters, construction plans, architectural drawings, engineering diagrams, or other oversized materials, our service is tailored to meet your diverse scanning needs. Trust us to bring precision and clarity to your large-format documents, providing an efficient and comprehensive solution for the digital transformation of your valuable materials. Kindly note that the customer assumes responsibility for shipping documents to and from our state-of-the-art scanning facility. Our comprehensive scanning services are accessible through many contracts, encompassing esteemed entities such as Vizient, Systec GSA, Systec TXMAS, Kansas State, University of Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma University, and others. Our team comprises dedicated professionals to maintain the utmost security standards, all operating from our cutting-edge, high-security scanning center. Your documents are in the capable hands of our team.

What We Scan
We will scan documents up to 36" by 72". The price includes preparing documents for scanning.

*The price shown above is the price per page scanned.  Minimum 25 pages.

Technical Information

  1. Images are scanned at 300 dpi in full color. We can scan up to 600 dpi for an additional charge.
  2. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is standard with full-text search capability (Ctrl + F) in native Adobe Reader, allowing you to search a keyword in a PDF document.
  3. Image indexing and file naming are accomplished from client-provided data. The data file should include a maximum of three fields for indexing.
  4. Data indexing formats include CSV, Excel, SQL, Tab Delimited, Access, or other electronic file formats.
  5. Documents will be provided in multiple-page PDF format (other available formats on request).

Ordering Process

  1. Once an order is placed, a customer service representative will contact you and provide shipping instructions for shipping your boxes to our scanning center.
  2. The customer will provide a data file for the documents.
  3. We will contact you once we receive your documents at our scanning center.
  4. Our scanning team will perform an audit to cross-check the data file with the paper documents received.
  5. We track the exact location of each document throughout the entire prepping and scanning process if you need one of your documents.
  6. Our scanning team will prep your documents, removing staples, paperclips, fixing earmarks, and post-it notes covering text to organize and prepare your documents for scanning.
  7. A scanning specialist will scan your documents through one of our large format scanners.
  8. After your documents are scanned, our quality control team will review every image, removing any blank images, cropping and rotating images, and verifying the readability of all images. You will not be charged for blank images.
  9. We will mail your electronic PDF files on an encrypted hard drive. When you receive the hard drive, contact us for the encryption code to open the hard drive to download the PDF files.
  10. We will maintain your documents for 60 days while you review your images. After 60 days, we can:
    • Shred your documents for an additional charge (see pricing below).
    • Ship your documents back to you (freight not included).
    • After 60 days, if one of the above options is not selected, you will be charged a monthly storage fee.
    • Another option is that we will host your images for a monthly fee.
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