Wire Basket Shelving

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Wire basket shelving is a storage solution suitable for a wide range of supplies. Engineered with formed backs, sides, and fronts, these shelves ensure secure containment of items within a basket-like structure. The shelves are designed for adaptability, featuring adjustable settings and the flexibility to be installed level or at two distinct tilted angles, enhancing visibility and convenient access to stored materials. For optimal organization, optional dividers are available to partition the basket into smaller sections.

Shelving units are sold as "starters" and "adders" or "add-on" units. "Adder" units are designed to connect to "starter" units to reduce costs.

The first unit of a shelving row needs to be a "starter" unit (adder or add-on units connect to the starter unit). "Adder" units will not stand alone and must be connected to a "starter" unit.

If you want complete flexibility to move units around in the future, we recommend purchasing all "starter" units.

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